Dandelions are weeds, or are they something more? As children, many of us would pick them and rub the yellow flowers on our noses, or bring them to our moms as a sign of affection. As adults, we dig them from our pristine lawns and consider them an unsightly nuisance. When the dandelion dries up into the fluffy puff ball, all of us, young or old, enjoy making a wish before blowing the seeds to the wind, thus, creating more dandelions. We choose how we want to see the dandelion, a weed, a flower, or a wish . . . 
it is all a matter of perspective! 

This weed, or flower, has overcome all odds. No matter what the world considers its value, the dandelion claims a place for itself. It manages to reproduce despite all the chemicals used to defeat it! I choose to see dandelions for what they really are - a symbol of hope! They remind me to never give up. Every time I see one, I choose to think of all the wishes about to come true, all the dreams to be fulfilled, and all the possibilities the world has to offer! When I share dandelion seeds, I hope they bring that same perspective to others.