I am an artist, designer, and illustrator. How I came to call myself those things, I do not really know, but it is who I am. I think in terms of structure and order, yet at the same time, want the freedom to be organic and flexible. These contradictions help guide me when I am creating art, and they influence a sort of balance that keeps me from becoming stagnant.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved working with paper. If I am not doodling on it, then I am cutting and taping and creating something new with it. I was, and still am, intrigued with the ability to make something with my hands and have it resemble something else, but I always prefer my representative version better than the real thing. 

Using digital technology as an art medium has been an interesting journey. At first I was resistant, because I value the handmade aspect of crafting; however, the world is becoming, or actually already is, digital. There is a place for both traditional and digital art and I hope to find the balance or combination of both in my work.